Yellow Pages Collaboration

The Yellow Pages name is already a famous brand worldwide but it can grow stronger if the operators of existing Yellow Pages within the Indian Ocean collaborate. This is one of the two reasons that we established

Directory of Yellow Pages

If you are managing a Yellow Pages site within the Indian Ocean, your business directory can be listed on Yellow Pages.IO, which will not only expand your customer reach, it will also strengthen your online authority.

Yellow Pages franchise

You can also benefit by becoming a Yellow Pages franchise partner, even if you are already operating a Yellow Pages country directory, as a franchise you will also focus on developing the best Yellow Pages application and negotiating master distribution agreements for online marketing and sales solutions/tools, all of which will benefit you and your customers.

Let us work together

So if there is no Yellow Pages directory in your country or you are operating one of the Yellow Pages sites within the Indian Ocean, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are eager to establish partnerships for development that are mutually beneficial.

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